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At Crossway Veterinary Housecalls We treat your pets like family by conveniently providing the highest quality and professional veterinary care at your home. Home is where you and your furry best friends are the most relaxed! No car rides, waiting rooms, unfamiliar dogs, or strange scents – just professional, compassionate, one on one attention.

We offer a full range of vet services from our 26’ custom mobile vet hospital:

Annual Exams

From nose to tail, we want your pet to enjoy the benefits of good health. Annual veterinary exams for adult pets and routine visits for puppies, kitties, young pets, and senior pets can do just this. Your pet may not be able to speak, but wellness checks can speak for them and support the best quality of life for your companion animal.


Vaccinations play a vital role in extending your pet’s life and preventing disease, illness, and fatality. We can help you understand and navigate the complexity of your pet’s immunizations whether you’re adopting a puppy, kitty, cat and/or dog.


Getting your animal’s teeth checked is just as important as their yearly exam. Dental issues can be a sign of other health issues as well, so make sure to call to get your pet’s teeth checked and cleaned.


We offer state of the art technology to help in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases that originate in specific body systems. These include the endocrine, gastrointestinal, immune, lymphatic, renal, respiratory, and urogenital systems.


Your pet deserves the best and most thorough care. Our highly trained staff uses the latest radiology equipment and techniques to diagnose your pet. X-rays allow us to see what’s below the surface. Digital X-rays are a non-invasive tool we use to assess your pet’s skeletal health, organs, and body while providing you with images to better understand your pet’s physical condition for better prevention and treatment.

On-site bloodwork

Another of our In-House Laboratory services is on-site bloodwork. Through it, multiple tests and details on your pet’s health can be revealed with a simple blood sample. 


We can perform surgery on your pet, based on what they need done. We can also give you a second opinion if you are not sure that surgery is the right treatment for your pet.

Rattlesnake Vaccines

We now offer rattlesnake vaccines to help reduce pain and swelling from rattlesnake bites.


If you have an animal that strays or are worried that they will wander off you can have a microchip implanted in your pet’s skin. This painless procedure will give you peace of mind that no matter where your animal is, it can be found and sent back home, based on the address and information found on its microchip.

Parasite Control

We have a variety of products that your animal can be given to prevent and get rid of ticks, heartworm, and fleas. We can also discuss with you how to best prevent these from coming back.

Pain Management

Keeping your pets pain free as they age helps them be more mobile and content. We offer options for pain management so you can focus on the bond you share!

Prescriptions & Additional Medicine

For your convenience, we carry commonly prescribed medications. You may also shop online via our website to have products delivered directly to your door.


Nutritional Counseling

Have you heard the saying, “You are what you eat!”? The same is true for our pets. What we feed them is an important part of sustaining good health. We help assess your pet’s nutritional needs based on lifestyle, health needs and age.

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Compassionate End of Life Care

For senior pets, house call services are especially helpful because travel and over-excitement can be difficult and dangerous for them. Many pets suffer debilitating effects as they age. If you have an older pet exhibiting pain, stiffness, incontinence, organ failure, etc. It is important that they see a veterinarian. We can come alongside and work with you as they age, minimizing worsening symptoms through treatment and care. 

How do you know when it’s time?

Such a difficult question and there is no one, pat answer. All pets have good and bad days. We will help provide guidelines to assist in determining your best friend’s quality of life

Dr Rubio and his assistant were amazing. The last few trips to the vets office has been filled with anxiety as a pet owner and also for our elderly English Bulldog. Dr Rubio and his assistant made this experience completely opposite of what has happened in the past. Our dog did not even realize he was being seen by a doctor due to the expert care that was given to him. He had fun exploring the vet van and it was a completely stressless experience and you can not put a price on that.

Thank you again to Crossway Veterinary for making what has been a dreaded visit to the vet's office in the past a completely new and stress-free experience for both me and our dog.

Anonymous, 5* Google Review

It was so wonderful to have Dr Rubio out to the house to take care of my babies! Usually, Hannah is nervous at the vet but she was much more comfortable around him and Vanessa. Even my senior dog Tanner was happier with the Crossway team when it came to nail trims. I am so glad to have them as our vet!e

Eizabethe Spring, 5* Google Review

We can never begin to express our gratitude to Dr. Rubio and Faith, for helping our Rascal complete his journey. They arrived at our home with love and compassion for our Rascal, and us as well. One of our most difficult days ever; but we are so thankful for the wonderful care we ALL were given. God Bless you always!

Ruth Lynn McGhan-Zimmerman, 5* Facebook Review


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