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Is it time? Quality of Life

Such a difficult question and there is no easy answer. All pets have good and bad days. Here are some guidelines to assist in determining your pet’s quality of life:

  • Is your pet still eating and drinking? Do they have an appetite?
  • Are they still alert and responsive? Do they still take interest in the activities they used to enjoy? Do they care or seem to notice when you walk in?
  • Is your pet able to stand and walk? Do they seem to be having excessive trouble getting up? Do they frequently lean against counters/walls/your legs for support?
  • Is your pet losing weight rapidly?
  • Does your pet have trouble going to the bathroom? Are they squatting in pain, having trouble, or experiencing incontinence?
  • Are you noticing panting when they shouldn’t be panting (i.e., they have been laying around and not doing anything active but they are still panting), shaking, constant pacing, and inability to get comfortable and other, more obvious signs of pain like whimpering and crying out?

For senior pets, house call services are especially helpful because travel and over-excitement can be difficult and dangerous for them. Many pets suffer debilitating affects as they age. If you have an older pet exhibiting pain, stiffness, incontinence, organ failure, etc. it is important that they see a veterinarian.

We can come alongside and work with you as they age, minimizing worsening symptoms through treatment and care. We have had great success in improving the quality of life in elderly pets and providing them with many good months and sometimes even years. Upon your request, we will advise you of any treatment options that may restore your pet to improved and/or reasonable function. There are times we find a treatable condition that the pet owner did not know was treatable. It is our desire to make sure you are given all options when making the critical decision to euthanize. We will walk with you through this season and help you by answering questions and guiding you.


When it’s time to say goodbye…

When the time to say goodbye to your pet arrives, it can be heartbreaking. We know and understand this decision can be agonizing. We are here to help, not to judge. Although we cannot heal your hurting heart, at-home euthanasia is the kindest and most compassionate way to say goodbye by surrounding your pet with the people and things they love most. Many find comfort by allowing their pet to be euthanized at home. This is the place they slept, ate, played, loved, and protected. Many good memories have been made with your pet in this wonderful setting. There is no better place to provide your final act of caring, away from a noisy, chaotic clinic full of strange sounds, smells, and strangers. Their last moments will allow them to transition painlessly in a tranquil way that is stress free and peaceful. The comfort of home and family gives the pet the reassurance needed to not be afraid or apprehensive and allows you to say goodbye and grieve in private without having to be in public.


How does this work? What do I expect?

If the time has come and the most compassionate thing that you can do is to put them to sleep, we will come to your home and provide a painless, stress-free alternative to the chaos and fear they would experience during a clinic visit in their last hours.

We strive to make a very difficult situation easier on you and your pet by allowing you to say goodbye in a way that fits you and your loved ones best: in the yard, in their favorite shady spot, on the couch surrounded by loving arms, on their bed with their favorite blanket, we do our best to make it happen in the way you have envisioned.

We typically give pre-euthanasia sedation to eliminate anxiety, fear, and pain prior to the actual euthanasia medication. Pets are peaceful and feel nothing. It is as if they simply fall asleep. You will be able to say goodbye- in the peace and privacy of your own home.

If you desire cremation services, with or without ashes back, we can put you in touch with local providers with whom we work closely.  Most often they will arrive before we leave. We recommend working out the details of your beloved pet’s final care in advance so that you can focus on saying goodbye. Unfortunately, because we have a surgery suite in the back of our mobile clinic we do not have the ability to take the remains.

Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions and would like to talk with someone about your pet’s specific situation and concerns. We can be reached at 832.948.8007 to help.


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