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They are never really gone…

Their paws have imprinted our hearts forever…

Our pets are truly a part of our families. They give unconditional love, companionship, and loyalty. Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is so very painful whether they pass away from old age, illness, an accident, or euthanasia. The loss is often hard to bear and many people experience the full range of feelings of grief: pain or anger, followed by guilt and even devastating sadness. It is a loss that takes time to heal. Until the pain begins to wane, remember the love and wonderful home you gave them and the love and joy that you shared. Here are some suggestions that may help:

Sometimes it can be quite healing to make a scrapbook or a photo album to keep as a reminder of the love and the memories you shared in your years together. Buy a special scrapbook and decorate it, and put several of your favorite photos of your pet inside to be enjoyed in the years to come.


For additional help with coping with the loss of your pet, refer to the links below for websites that specialize in pet loss support.



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Dr Rubio and his assistant were amazing. The last few trips to the vets office has been filled with anxiety as a pet owner and also for our elderly English Bulldog. Dr Rubio and his assistant made this experience completely opposite of what has happened in the past. Our dog did not even realize he was being seen by a doctor due to the expert care that was given to him. He had fun exploring the vet van and it was a completely stressless experience and you can not put a price on that.

Thank you again to Crossway Veterinary for making what has been a dreaded visit to the vet's office in the past a completely new and stress-free experience for both me and our dog.

Anonymous, 5* Google Review

It was so wonderful to have Dr Rubio out to the house to take care of my babies! Usually, Hannah is nervous at the vet but she was much more comfortable around him and Vanessa. Even my senior dog Tanner was happier with the Crossway team when it came to nail trims. I am so glad to have them as our vet!e

Eizabethe Spring, 5* Google Review

We can never begin to express our gratitude to Dr. Rubio and Faith, for helping our Rascal complete his journey. They arrived at our home with love and compassion for our Rascal, and us as well. One of our most difficult days ever; but we are so thankful for the wonderful care we ALL were given. God Bless you always!

Ruth Lynn McGhan-Zimmerman, 5* Facebook Review